Friday, 27 February 2009

Baroness Greenfield is Wrong !

The Guardian article on Facebook, Twitter and so on ruining children's brains is quite astonishing in its lack of depth.

What Facebook and Twitter show us is a mirror of the way children's minds work at that age. This is not cause but effect. The real reasons behind children's attitudes lies in the fact that this generation of parents spends less time with their children than ever before, leaving children to "educate themselves" in terms of values and morals, and the state education sector has no more influence over children after years of being dragged in different directions at the whim of ministers looking to fatten up their CV.

Where is Baroness Greenfield's research ? This is just pure speculation !

For heaven's sake, if adults are going to behave like this its no wonder the kids haven't got a moral compass.

Baroness Greenfield should firstly stick to her known field of expertise, but if she must stray into the field of "modern technology", she should remember the old adage that a bad workman blames his tools. The tools are not to blame here, but our society clearly needs some significant effort by those purportedly in charge.

Peter Jones is a Consultant at Blue Oyster Product Development, Harrow UK.

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